In the world of equestrian, you have different products to choose from for you as the rider. Inasmuch as you want to put your needs on top of your priorities when looking for these products, you also have to give high consideration to the items that will give comfort to your horse as well. In this regard, blankets for the cold weather will form part of your consideration. A popular choice is the turtle neck version. Let us know about these turtle neck blankets.

What are turtle neck blankets?

turtle neck blankets

When you read about horse blankets, you will often deduce that these are blankets that work the same way as human blankets do. It’s a square or rectangular piece of cloth that can be used to protect a horse during the cold weather. When it comes to turtle neck blankets for horses, on the other hand, expect that the piece of material will work the way that shoals do. It is used to cover the horse from its neck to its body. The good thing about these blanket versions is that they can be customised to fit the body shape or size of your horse.

These blankets offer comfort to your horses

Turtle neck blankets have their special way of bringing comfort to your horses. You can even find a blanket that comes with a fuzzy part on its withers which are perfect for horses that have high withers. There is also a Velcro on the neck which is used to close the blanket on the horse's neck without making it feel so uncomfortable for your 'pet'. Every component in the blanket keeps it in place and adds to the warmth that your horse wants to feel all the time.

It comes in replaceable parts

One of the things that you may be looking for in a blanket is the availability of parts in case it wears out or tears apart. The good news is you can find replaceable parts from the leg straps to the buckles, from the leg straps to the belly surcingles to the Velcro component. These features in turtle neck blankets make them definitely a good find for your horse's protection.

It stays in place

Turtle neck blankets can be worn by your horses whether they are out playing with others in their brood or they are inside their barns taking a rest. No matter where you want your horse to use these pieces, you can be sure that the blanket will stay in place. No amount of running, playing or movements during sleep will ever destroy the blanket. This is all thanks to the fact that the turtle neck blanket can be moulded to the horse's body.

Turtle neck blankets are just portions of all items or accessories you can use to protect your horse. There are definitely a whole lot more to look forward to purchasing. For a list of equestrian products in Australia, it will be good to check our pages. You will be able to discover items great for riders and others for any equestrian-related activity.