A good horse rider ensures that his horse is healthy and well taken care of. Apart from this, he should also ensure that when he is riding both him and the horse should be comfortable. If you ride as often, ensure that you get your horse a good saddle that will safeguard both you and the horse from sustaining joint injuries that may arise. You need to factor in what a saddle pad will do to your horses back before just settling for any. A good saddle pad should not only make your horse comfortable but should also be hygienic, should have Material that allows the horses back to breathe and therefore avoid infections.

There is custom made saddlery that ensures that saddle pads will protect you and your horse. Here are some options for saddle pads for horses.

A fleece bottom

Most common saddle pads are made with fleece bottom. The fleece is made up of actual wool or sheep fleece. It can also be made from synthetic materials. Fleece is cheaper in price compared to other saddle pads. Wool fleece is more comfortable and adds more cushion than synthetic fleece. However, wool is not as durable as synthetic fleece. This is because a horse’s back produces sweat that breaks down wool fleece which in turn makes it unstable.

Felt pad

A felt pad is an upgrade from fleece. Wool is compressed and this enables it to have many benefits. A Felt pad acts as a shock absorber and the wool alleviates pressure points caused by some saddles. Felt also has the ability to absorb up the sweat from horse's back and then as it transfers the heat it dissipates it. Generally, a Felt pad is often considered to be the best choice for a saddle pad.

Neoprene bottom

This is a new type of saddle pad and it is made of rubber that is waterproof and very easy to maintain. This factor makes it durable and it is able to keep a new look for a long time. During long rides neoprene bottom allows the material to breathe which cools the horse's back. It has a sticky effect which makes it stable and reduces saddles from sliding which in turn makes a horse very irritable and uncomfortable.

Closed cell foam

This new technology is made from molded foam then wrapped in a nylon cover. The foam attaches to the back of the horse and therefore offers stability and contact. It also allows the weight to be distributed evenly and acts as a good shock absorber. The foam allows free flow of air thus helps to cool off the horse.

Gel inserts

This gelatin-like substance is solid but has liquid characteristics. The gel is usually placed between saddle bars and the horse and it disburses an impact before returning to its original shape. It is often laid between layers of felt pad and this makes the pad heavy. It however offers a comfortable feel on the horses back and it is more expensive compared to other pads.