With the grandeur it brings, horseback riding has become a popular sport for a lot of sports enthusiasts. It does not only bring one close to nature but it also justifies what a total workout is with all its juggling and racing attributes. Easy as it may seem to others, this requires a lot of discipline coupled with a checklist that will help a newbie equestrian to find his way along the tracks.

On that list, you will need to include a top-of-the-line horse for that matter. Aside from that, you will also need to get hold of several items, most of which are for your protection and comfort. Set an eye for the following suggestions as these could help you reach your goals as a full pledge equestrian.


Purchase a helmet that is appropriate for horseback riding as this one has specific standards. As a newbie you may omit this for the reason that it is unaffordable and unsuitable for a beginner like you. Don't fret because there are a lot of varieties to choose from. The good news is that there are affordable brands that will surely impress and entice you to make a purchase.


Comfort should be observed when mounted on a horse. In line with this, get hold of breeches that are made of spandex and cotton. See to it that it has a cottony fabric to keep you from sliding and falling off a saddle. This fabric will allow you to achieve maximum movement and at the same time will provide comfort and sweat-absorbing properties.

Basic first aid kit

Apart from investing in horseback riding gear, you should consider having a basic first aid kit as part of your list. This can keep you ready in case of emergencies. Inside that kit, you should have an antiseptic iodine or purple spray, a thermometer, cleaning rags and duct tape amongst others. You should also have your gauze pads or bandages ready inside that kit. You will need all these items for emergency purposes later on.

Additional horse supplies

Whilst you make sure that you have all the products you need in riding a horse, your list should also give high regard to the needs of your horse as well. In this regard, you will need a horse blanket for your horse's protection. You can get a stable blanket which your horse can use when it is inside the stable. The other type is the turn-out blanket, a blanket that is perfect for your horse when it needs to spend time in the outdoors.

Other horse supplies will include buckets that can help you feed your horse or when giving them water. You will also need a variety of barn equipment like saddle racks, bridle hooks, pitch forks, wheel barrow metal garbage cans and the corn brooms.

For more about the equestrian products that you need as a first timer in horseback riding, feel free to read through our pages. There are a lot of items in our pages that will definitely help you enjoy your journey in this sport.