Well life in the Johnson family as some of you may know is normally a little chaotic. For not only do I have some great horses in my competition stables our family has a mixed farm approx 50km north east of Albany in WA.

This much-loved farm is run in conjunction with my parents Dan and Phoebe. We also have on the farm a fabulous young Tasmania called Georga Brennan. Georga is someone I have coached in Tasmania and early in 2013 when I was down there I offered George, as she likes to be called, a job as our working pupil. George has however recently been promoted to Jillaroo. George was supposed to be with us for 1 year but has decided that she likes the mad house we call Parkiarrup and has stayed for a second year. Silly girl but we are pretty glad about it.

So normal life (if there is such a thing for us) consists of running the mixed sheep, cattle and cropping enterprise as well as having horses of clients and our own in work. On top of that I seem to find myself doing rather a lot of coaching. Most people find one full time occupation all-consuming I seem to have several. Thank goodness for mum, dad, George a few faithful sheep dogs and some great friends and contractors.

Anyway as I am sure many of you are aware the goal for many riders for 2014 is the World Equestrian Games in Normandy France. For me this was the immediate goal I have been chasing for some time.

Much to my delight (and that of my parents, George and great friend, sponsor and owner Nikki Harwood) Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison aka Ben has been named on the team for Australia. Ben is a retired thoroughbred racehorse who managed to beat one horse home in his only racetrack start for Western Australian trainer Ted Martinovich.

It is a journey I have been fortunate to make twice before. Both times with the wonderful Australian Stock horse Ringwould Jaguar bred by Jim and Gussie Saunders. Jaguar is now retired and this journey revolves around Ben.

The journey would not have been possible without the support of many people. Firstly obviously my parents but then there are many others. So what I am planning on doing is trying to be sufficiently organized to take anyone that is interested, along with us on the roller coaster ride that is a world championships.

So stay tuned to the websites and Facebook pages of some of my incredible sponsors. The Brookleigh Equestrian Estate owned by Nikki Harwood, Europa Saddlery Warehouse Direct, Mitavite, Western Australia’s and Racing Victoria's Off the Track programs and possibly a few others such as Red light Therapy, Advanced Feeds, Oakford Equine Hospital and if I am really organised it may even make it to my own Sonja Johnson Webpage. 

You may even find it on The Equestrian Australia and WA institute of sport page as the support from these two organizations has been invaluable.