It is easy to be confused by the catchy phrases used in adverts that promote fan sales and other equipment that you can use for horse keeping. As a farmer, you should realize that not all fans can be installed in a horse stall to help with cooling. There are fans designed for domestic and industrial use while there are special ones designed for agriculture use only. You should not settle for a fan for your horse stall just because you see a catchy phrase like “high velocity”.

There are many stores that sell fans but so that you get the right fan for your horse stall, you should visit the equestrian equipment store. Here you will be advised on the best fan that will suit your horse stall. This article will highlight the key points you should consider in a fan before purchasing one.

A stall fan should be safe

We have heard several cases of horses perishing in fires due to malfunctioning fans. Most people are unaware of the dangers involved in using box fans in a stall. They are mostly designed to be used in residential settings and certainly not for stalls. Any fan that is designed with motors that are not enclosed poses great dangers to horses. Fires are caused when the barn gunk gets trapped in these motors whose bearings are usually not sealed and cause friction. When this happens, they overheat and possibly cause a fire. Unfortunately, a few farmers have learned this the hard way.

They should be easy to maintain

Most farmers think that by just cleaning the fan, they are safe. If a fan is not suitable for farm use then this tip is not enough to keep the fan running for long. During summer, fans are left to run for long hours and they accumulate so much dust and debris in the motors. An agriculture fan is built to ensure that it is not easily clogged with debris that may cause a breakdown. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars in fan repair every year just because you got the wrong fan. Agricultural fans are a bit expensive compared to other fans but it is wise to invest in the right fan for your horse stall to save money in the long run.

Bigger is not always better

In the case of a horse fan, going for the biggest fan is not always better. The size of the stall influences the size of the fan but you should always inquire on how much CFM a horse fan should produce. Many farmers make the mistake of going for industrial fans when they have huge horse stalls. This is not right. An industrial fan produces too much air flow which is not good for the horses. When there is too much air flow in a stall, too much dust is kicked about. Ensure that you have the right fan and have it installed correctly and strategically to evenly cool the stall for horses to be comfortable.