Kids have different passions in life. As parents, it is your duty to make sure you give them support and be their number one fan no matter what passion they have in mind. If your kids are into riding horses, then encourage them to be good at it. Remember that this particular sport requires a lot of hard work and dedication for them to be at their best. Alongside this, you should also invest in the right horse riding accessories for your kids. Here is a list of those things that they will need when riding horses.

Riding hats

Like adults, riding hats are very important horse riding accessories for kids. These hats will help protect the head from any bump or fall in case of unavoidable circumstances. Hats are made from materials that will provide a balance between cushiony and sturdy just enough to support the head of your young equestrian.

Jackets and gilets

Horse riding can be a great sports activity that your child can engage in specifically because they can always keep themselves warm in case the weather is too cold for them to handle. Thanks to jackets and gilets and they can wrap themselves up and be cosy with the ride. Special types of jackets can also be used in any type of weather. They can protect your child's skin from extreme heat of the sun as well.

Body protectors

Apart from hats, jackets and gilets, you should also invest in different types of body protectors that will keep your child safe as he enjoys the ride of his life. The list of body protectors come in different designs from zipped to buttoned body protectors to shoulder pads that will prevent ache on the shoulders. Knee pads are also included in the list. Get a body protector that follows the contour of your child's body and surely he will be most comfortable during the ride.

Reflective gear

Reflective gears in the world of horse riding fun include those that are suited for particular occasions and for the time of the day with which your children will love to ride the horse. There are special reflective jackets made for winter and there are also flashing hat bands that can be used to highlight the outfit of your child. LED arm and leg bands are also available for purchase perfect for a night horse riding spree with friends and family.

Jodhpurs and breeches

Completing the gears and accessories for your children are jodhpurs and breeches. Jodhpurs can be used for daily practices whilst breeches can be chosen by kids for competition purposes. These special pants are made for horse riding lovers out there. They are equipped with specific materials that can help protect your child's legs, knees and torso during the activity.

If you need to know more about gears and accessories for your kids and for you, kindly browse through our pages. We have a wide range of horse riding equipment in Western Australia to suit all your needs.