Accessorizing yourself or your child for a horse riding can be quite expensive. However, the need for comfort and safety is important. To be sure that every gear meets your needs, most people will accessorize with customized items like custom made saddlery. It could be costly but it is worth it.


For any rider, whether a bike rider or a horse rider, protecting the head is always a priority. The helmet is very important since it is made in a way that it protects you in case there’s a fall or any sort of impact on your head. Its work is to make sure that you do not suffer any serious injuries. Therefore, no compromises should be made when buying one.


Any coat or jacket that keeps you warm or does not flap to interfere with your movement might serve the purpose. However, Coats or jackets that have been designed for horse riding have more merits in comparison to just any other coat or jacket. The longer coats are designed in a way that they can provide warmth to your legs but at the same time allow you to move freely on your custom made saddlery.This is because they have loops that you can tie around your leg to stop any flapping as you ride. Jackets provide extra padding to sensitive areas like the elbow.


No matter the weather, hot or cold, a horse rider should always have their gloves on. This is because aside from providing warmth for your hands, the gloves help you to firmly grip on the reins since they are well reinforced to provide a good grip. If you happen to fall or the reins find themselves in between your fingers, the gloves will protect your hands.

Jodhpurs and breeches

Unlike jeans, jodhpurs and breeches stretch to allow free and comfortable movement on the saddle. Just like the jackets, they are padded in the knee area to avoid quick tear since they are often in contact with the saddle. They also provide a soft landing for your knees in case you fall from your horse. The way the inseam is twisted reduces any sort of friction brought about by movement on your saddle. For a regular trouser, the seam might run due to endless contact with the saddle and this will eventually be too painful for you to bear.

Riding boots

Riding boots vary in styles. To know that your boots are fit for riding, consider the following: Your boots should have a heel that is about an inch high. This assures your foot’s grip on the saddle. The sole should not be too thin or too large. For it to allow free movement and close contact with the stirrup, it must be flat. Your boots should be clean always hence the need for waterproof boots.


Finally, when you ride, you must protect your feet completely. The last thing you want is for your feet to become numb as you ride during winter. Make sure that you wear warm socks to prevent this from happening. Numb-free feet allow freedom in movement.  For socks to be considered warm, they should not be necessarily thick as this will hinder free movement. The socks you ride in should be thin, light and stretchy to cater for proper movement. If you are not warm enough with one pair, an extra pair will do as long as you get to avoid thicker socks.