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Horse Rugs & Hoods

Choosing a horse rug or hood online can be a little daunting. These days they come in such a variety of designs and materials that it can be hard to know what will best suit your horse. At Europa Saddlery we stock horse rugs and hoods from all the world’s great manufacturers, and at discount prices, too.

Ideally, a horse rug should be light but strong and hard wearing, be weatherproof, and at the same time give the right amount of thermal insulation for the season. Today’s manufacturing techniques include the use of composites – blends of synthetic fibres and natural canvas – which give very precise control of a horse rug’s thermal properties. Your Europa Saddlery sales staff are familiar with all aspects of horse rug design, and can help you decide on the one that is just right for your needs.

Ascot Equestrian, one of our most trusted manufacturers, make a large range of horse rugs and hoods. It includes summer, winter and between-seasons grades of lined and unlined canvas, in combination with waterproof outers for all-weather protection and comfort. The Ascot Equestrian range also contains an excellent range of miniature horse rugs, hoods, and weather protection.

Skye Park are our elite horse rug and hood specialists, with a range that includes three grades of canvas to create horse rugs for winter, summer and between. Skye Park rugs also use Tuffnut, a core spun composite fabric that delivers the ultimate in strength, warmth and Skye Park’s renowned quality of fit. As well as rugs, Skye Park make extras such as extra drops, shoulder gussets, and their tent tail flap, which keeps your horse both comfortable and hygienic.

Rugz specialise in super lightweight combo horse rugs – light, strong and inexpensive, these rugs include satin shoulders and mane strip, and provide a great, economical solution. These fantastic horse rugs are available in white with blue or green check.