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Numnahs, Saddle Cloths & Pads

If you are looking for numnahs, saddle cloths, saddle blankets and pads, then Europa Saddlery is your one stop shop. We deal only with the best manufacturers, and your horse will appreciate the comfort and security that comes from well-designed products made from the best quality materials. As well as classic saddle pads, we have trail pads with pockets, western fleece pads, saddle cloths for dressage purposes, numnahs and half numnahs, in fact anything you could want to protect your horse’s back. And our discount pricing will put a smile on your face!

Ascot Equestrian make a large range of saddle cloths, pads and protectors, as well as a brow band protector. Ascot Equestrian’s products are justly admired for their durability and quality of cut. Choose from their classic saddle pad, their deluxe quilted cotton saddle cloth, or from their range of Lamicell protectors, offering the benefits of memory foam. Ascot Equestrian also make endurance riding trail pads with pockets.

Prom Passier, a respected name in saddlery, we stock the Passier Dressage Saddle Cloth, for when your horse just has to look its best. These diamond-quilted saddle cloths boast a neat coat of arms and cord trim. But these saddle cloths don’t just look good, they feel great to your horse, too. The Dressage Saddle Cloth design features an “open-pore” backing material, so the horse will dry more quickly after a ride.

We also carry the Rams range of saddle pads, numnahs and half-numnahs.

So when you need protection for your horse’s back, browse our range of numnahs, saddle pads, cloths and blankets online, or give our friendly team a call for some expert advice on the best product for you and your horse.